Dedications Furnia - Prelude Furnia - Prelude was originally written purely for my grandchildren and so is therefore dedicated to them - all five at the latest count. Furnia - Fugue Audacity sound editing software was used to produce these audio books. I was first introduced to Audacity in 2009 by John Kelly, who gave me the confidence to start using it, at the Orpheus Centre in Godstone, Surrey where I still work as a volunteer. Without this happening, I would never have been able to produce these audiobooks. In 2009 we were working in a class teaching young disabled adults to write, develop and record podcasts. There was a problem because the finished piece was too long, yet we had a piece of specially recorded music - about eight bars of instrumental followed by four bars of singing - that needed to be fitted in somehow. John asked me to see what I could do and, fortunately, he liked the solution I came up with. John encouraged me to start teaching the students how to use Audacity and I knew I was getting it right when one of the students I had taught (LB) was in turn able to teach a third student how to use it. “Furnia - Fugue” is therefore dedicated to John Kelly, Musician and Disability Rights Activist.